Helpful Tips

Completing Questionnaires

When completing an MPAR questionnaire about a physician, remember that the purpose of MPAR is to provide constructive feedback for practice improvement and professional development, so:

  • Be as objective and honest as possible so that you are providing the most useful feedback to guide the physician’s future plans for quality improvement and professional development activities.
  • Remember that your scores will not be identifiable in any way. The physician you are reviewing will not see the scores of individual reviewers, only the average scores.
  • The rating scale ranges from “1” to “5”, where “1” indicates that you feel this physician is ‘among the worst’ compared to other physicians you know, “5” indicates that you feel this physician is ‘among the best’ of the physicians you know, and “3” (‘average’) indicates that you feel this physician is neither better nor worse than the other physicians you know.
  • If you feel you are unable to assess particular items because you don’t have enough information or they are not relevant to you and your relationship tothis physician, please use the “UA” column. This is important to do.