Psychiatrist Attributes

Medical Colleague

Clinical Competency
The medical specialist performs technical procedures skillfully, selects appropriate diagnostic tests, makes correct diagnoses and selects appropriate treatments. The medical specialist manages patients with complex problems.
Coordination of Care and Resources
The medical specialist communicates effectively with others in the management of patient care, manages health care resources as well as personal stress, and assumes responsibility for patients as well as his or her own professional actions.
Professional Development
The medical specialist contributes to quality improvement programs, is involved with professional development, facilitates the learning of others and critically evaluates medical literature to optimize clinical decision-making.
Interaction with Others
The medical specialist communicates effectively with patients and their families in a manner that conveys respect and compassion. The medical specialist coordinates care and collaborates with physician colleagues.


Co-worker Communication
The medical specialist provides clear written communication and is accessible for communication about patients.
Patient Interaction
The medical specialist gives patients reasonable access and communicates effectively with them and their families in a non-judgmental manner that conveys respect and compassion. The medical specialist responds appropriately in an emergency situation, maintains confidentiality and accepts responsibility for professional actions.
Co-worker Collegiality
The medical specialist interacts and collaborates with co-workers in an effective and courteous manner. The medical specialist presents him/herself in a professional manner, participates in the health care team, is concerned about co-worker safety, and facilitates the learning of co-workers.


Patient Interaction
The medical specialist asks, listens, answers questions and demonstrates interest, empathy and respect for the patient. The medical specialist adequately explains the illness/concerns, treatment options, follow-up plans, medical regimen and side effects.
Patient Education
The medical specialist tracks prescription and non-prescription medication, explains preventative care, and refers the patient to education resources.
Information for Patients
The medical specialist provides clear instruction in an emergency situation, and provides medical documents in a timely manner. If necessary, the medical specialist properly arranges referrals and follow-ups. Appointments can be made and messages are returned. An explanation is provided when an appointment is delayed.
Patient Satisfaction
The patient feels that the medical specialist presents him or herself in a professional manner. The patient was helped by the medical specialist. The patient would return to the medical specialist and recommend him/her to a friend.
Office Staff
The staff is pleasant, helpful, capable, professional and able to maintain confidentiality.
Physical Office
The office is easily accessible, clean, private and appropriately sized.